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Dr. Sasha offers a range of services to children, parents and educators.

Many families seek professional assistance to proactively manage ongoing challenges. Dr. Sasha provides effective and sensitive solutions for educational and behavioral concerns to cultivate positive growth, learning, and development in children. Below are some of the services she offers.

  • Educational Consultation and Intervention

    Dr. Sasha consults with parents, schools and educators to create environments and institute supports that accommodate students’ diverse needs. She works with parents to understand and respond to psychoeducational, neuropsychological and academic assessment results. She delivers empirically-validated interventions to strengthen students’ academic skills and executive functions.

  • Child-focused Parent Therapy and Developmental Guidance

    Dr. Sasha works individually with parents to address each child’s presenting problems. She enables parents to understand their child’s perspectives and motivations, offering information about how developmental stages influence behavior.

  • Positive Behavior Support

    Dr. Sasha works individually with parents to eliminate challenging behaviors by determining the environmental conditions that maintain them, and then replaces these challenging behaviors with appropriate, prosocial skills.

  • Solution-Focused Child Psychotherapies

    While providing a child-focused service to parents (e.g., Positive Behavior Support), Dr. Sasha provides play-based and cognitive-behavioral therapies to their children.

  • Temperament Counseling and

    Environmental Modification

    Dr. Sasha works with parents to understand their child’s unique temperament profile which allows for the formulation and modification of home and school environments to meet the child’s needs.

  • Service Integration

    Dr. Sasha works with parents and service providers (e.g., speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social workers) to design an integrated, goal-based plan.  This cohesive effort enables children to fully realize the benefits of the services they are being provided.

  • New Baby Planning and

    New Parent Support

    Dr. Sasha educates and supports parents as they welcome a new arrival to their family.

  • Curriculum Design and

    Program Development

    Dr. Sasha works with individuals and institutions to develop curricula and academic/psychoeducational programs.

  • Psychoeducation and

    Therapeutic Support Groups

    Dr. Sasha offers psychoeducation and therapeutic support groups on an as-requested basis.

Dr. Sasha working with a child.

Dr. Sasha working with a mother and child.

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