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Dr. Sasha with her own children.

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When doing educational and behavioral consultation, I seek to provide effective, practical and sensitive solutions to my clients. As the mother of four children, I understand the daily struggles of parenthood. While raising children is wonderful and fulfilling, it also can be messy and exhausting. We are often thrust into a pattern of triage rather than one that allows us to approach issues in a thoughtful and proactive way. I work with parents to support and strengthen their parenting and child during times of stress, while simultaneously attempting to see the child’s perspective, and bearing in mind that children develop in diverse ways and at different rates. When formulating a plan to address these challenges, I believe in a less is more approach. I consider presenting problems not to be expressions of underlying child pathology, but as responses to poor fits in home/school environments and as developmental deviations. This perspective helps children reach their full potential without stigmatization. It allows for the creation of plans that are first and foremost respectful of the child, but that are also are sensitive to the environments and individuals with which the child interacts. If you are at all thinking that I could help your child or your family, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  The smallest changes can make the utmost difference.


“The smallest changes can make the utmost difference.”

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