Dr. Sasha Blackwell is a caring psychologist, providing effective and sensitive solutions for children, families, and educators.

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Some of the targeted positive outcomes of Dr. Sasha's Solution-Focused Approach

As a mother of 4 children, licensed psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Dr. Sasha works with children, parents, educators and service-providers in the Westchester, NY and Fairfield County, CT area to create proactive and sensitive plans to help children thrive. Dr. Sasha’s model of Educational and Behavioral Consultation provides realistic and time-efficient solutions to her clients, including:


• Promoting children’s self-regulation

• Enhancing children’s flexibility and adaptability

• Facilitating children’s mastery of developmental tasks

• Augmenting children’s social skills and empathy

• Strengthening children’s executive functions and academic/study skills

• Increasing children’s functional communication and purposeful behavior

• Boosting children’s ability to express feelings appropriately

• Building children’s play skills

• Developing parent reflective capacity

• Increasing parent self-efficacy and coping skills

• Fostering parent understanding of their child and according needs

• Reinforcing educators in their efforts to support and accommodate their students

• Integrating the efforts of children’s service providers

• Providing support to educators and service providers

• Creating home and school environments that meet children’s needs

Some of the common issues addressed in her solution-focused approach are:


• Poor motivation and underdeveloped work/study habits

• Attentional and organizational deficits

• Uneven academic and adaptive skills acquisition

• School readiness concerns

• Noncompliance

• Attention seeking behavior

• Perseveration or repetitive behavior

• Trouble with transitions

• Separation difficulties

• Behavioral rigidity

• Aggression

• Anxious and avoidant behavior

• Difficulties in peer relationships

• Sibling rivalries

• Poor adjustment to a change in family structure or situation

• Self-care and toileting issues




  • Licensed  Psychologist
  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist
  • Offers Child, Family and School Consultation
  • Provides Educational and Behavioral Solutions
  • Specializes in Developmental Concerns & Learning Differences

Sasha Blackwell, Ph.D., NCSP

Solution-Focused Educational and Behavioral Consultation

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